International Medical Insurance

Globetrotters Insurance specializes in providing medical and related insurance to people traveling outside their home countries. Over more than 30 years, our underwriters have earned the trust of those who travel abroad for work, study, or vacation. Whether travel spans a week or more than a year, coverage is tailored to meet individual needs.

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When you travel internationally, it’s important to know you have adequate coverage from an insurance company that specialises in foreign travel. We provide fast, easy access to comprehensive coverage for your trip.

Why do I need international medical insurance?

Our service provides more than financial solutions, it provides peace of mind.

When traveling overseas, it is essential to have a medical insurance provider who understands the global healthcare system.

From Argentina to Zambia we understand the situation on the ground. Insurance isn’t just about the cost of medical care. From emergency situations requiring immediate medical evacuation to sprained ankles and upset stomachs, our staff is standing by to assist.

As a policyholder you have a partner available 24/7 who speaks the local language and understands which hospitals and clinics have the highest standards.

Additionally, our assistance team can solve problems ranging from lost prescription medication to arranging a phone call with a local doctor who speaks your language. If necessary they can relay information to loved ones back home and arrange follow on treatment or transportation.

If you are sick or injured while abroad there is no need to get tied up in the local bureaucracy. Our claims department will arrange payment directly to the provider without you having to worry about foreign currencies, exchange rates, bank transfers or the accuracy of your bill.

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